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While Wellfleet is largely known for its iconic ocean and bay beaches, it also boasts approximately 20 "kettle ponds" that are one of the area's best kept secrets. The ponds formed thousands of years ago as the glaciers melted, leaving holes or "kettles" that ultimately filled with clear water. The three largest ponds -- Great, Gull, and Long -- are the best known and easily accessible from main roads.

Wellfleet also offers a number of smaller, out-of-the-way ponds -- reachable by a brisk hike through woods or from another body of water. The calm waters and wooded settings provide hours of tranquility to sunbathers and a refreshing change of scenery for more committed swimmers. Many of these smaller ponds have minimal development along their shores while the larger ponds are situated within a neighborhood of homes providing water views and other deeded beach and dock privileges.

This site is specifically designed to provide an overview of each of the respective pond neighborhoods, including active listings.

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