Truro Pond Neighborhoods

With its wind-swept dunes straight out of a Hopper painting, Truro is also home to a small number of the kettle ponds that dot neighboring Wellfleet. The so-called kettle ponds are a mainstay of Cape Cod, formed when glaciers melted tens of thousands of years ago leaving depressions that ultimately filled with water. The crystal clear waters of the ponds provide a calmer alternative to the chillier ocean waters nearby.

Part of the thrill of taking a dip in Truro's Snow Pond or Great Pond is locating these secluded enclaves in the first place, typically a short walk along a cleared woods path. Development along the shoreline is minimal although select cottages and homes come with deeded beach rights as well as stunning sunsets. To aid in your search, this site provides an overview of pond neighborhoods, showcasing active listings.