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In addition to its miles of rivers and marshes and coastline of sandy beaches, Harwich is also home to a number of freshwater ponds, formed as the glaciers melted thousands of years ago. Many of Harwich's ponds are nestled within conservation lands, providing seclusion as well as shaded beaches and the opportunity to glimpse the Cape's natural beauty at its best.

The popular Cape Cod Bike trail winds in and around select ponds, providing easy access to clear waters for fishing and swimming. The largest pond in Harwich - "Long Pond" is actually the Cape's largest lake as well as inland body of water. Because of its size and depth, Long Pond is a favorite of kayakers and boating enthusiasts and maintains a boat ramp for easier launches as well as two beaches located on either side. Shoreline in and around Harwich ponds is moderately developed with a mix of year-round homes as well as seasonal cottages and beach houses.

This site provides active listings on pond neighborhoods in Harwich with an overview page for each pond community for added convenience.

Harwich Pond Homes for Sale

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