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Days' Cottages are an iconic beachside cottage condo development located in North Truro. The 22 cottages are lined up in a symmetrical row and are identical on the exterior with sea foam green shutters. The cottages were built in 1931 and each is named for a different flower. Cottage floor plans are cozy and feature 2 BR | 1 BA | 420 SF of living space. The cottages are sited on sandy Cape Cod Bay beach with views of Provincetown and beautiful daily sunsets. Days Cottages are located in North Truro on Shore Road, west of Stotts Crossing. Shuttle service is available to Provincetown and many residents enjoy the four mile bike ride to town as well.

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Blog Posts About Days' Cottages

Days’ Cottages in Truro: Iconic Cape Community

Known by some as the flower cottages, the Days’ Cottages in Truro are truly part of an iconic Cape community. A staple in the area since the early 1930s, the cottages offer perhaps some of the best and most immediate access to the sand and water. Identical from the outside, the 22 cottages are right on the beach between North Truro and Provincetown. Standing all in a row, the cottages have no doubt been the subjects of countless photographs over the years, and they have quite a story ... Read More

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