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Bruno Mars Performs at Chatham Wedding

Cape Cod is known to attract celebrities, and a recent weekend in Chatham was no different. Grammy winner Bruno Mars recently took the stage at a wedding in Chatham.  Mars was hired as part of a wedding celebration for Motorola CEO Greg Brown’s son. The wedding took place at the Chatham Bars Inn.  Reportedly, guests used the secret password “magic” to gain entry to “room 24” following the ceremony. Both, of course, reference Mars’ song “24 Magic”. Booking the in-demand singer for a we... Read More

Where Are The Most Exclusive Areas on the Cape?

Cape Cod is known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful homes and waterfront possibilities, but some of the most exclusive areas on the Cape take luxury and recreation to an entirely new level. Brewster Brewster is home to the exclusive Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club. Membership here affords golf course and beach accessibility. While it hasn’t been open nearly as long as some other clubs on the Cape, Ocean Edge is thought to be one of the region’s finest locations. Unlike some o... Read More

Marconi’s Wireless Experiments Extended Across the Cape

His name evokes strong ties to Wellfleet, but it seems Guglielmo Marconi’s inventions actually extended across the Cape. The man responsible for the first transatlantic wireless communication between the US and Britain first began experimenting in the late 1800s in England. He then took his experiments to Cape Cod, and successfully carried out the transmissions from the Marconi Wireless Station Site around the turn of the century. Cape Cod was, of course, chosen for its extreme easter... Read More

The History Behind Chatham’s Resort Hotels

Hotel Chatham People have flocked to some of Cape Cod’s most elegant hotels and resorts for generations. Some of Chatham’s finest properties are sadly now part of Cape history, but others still stand for future generations to enjoy. Hotel Chatham Crews first broke ground on Hotel Chatham in the late 1800s. The three-floor hotel overlooked Pleasant Bay and the nearby beach was a big part of its appeal. The property also brought in a bowling alley, bath houses and a horse stable. Ev... Read More

Chatham Neighborhoods Explained

While Chatham does not have officially recognized neighborhoods per se, the seaside village does have some truly special sections of town. From popular Main Street to excursions out on the water, Chatham is favored for its own uniqueness and charm. Downtown If you’re searching for a quaint downtown district, you’ll find it on Main Street in Downtown Chatham. The downtown area is home to a number of restaurants, stores and coffee shops, the majority of which are independently owned. ... Read More

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