Why Race Point is One of NE’s Top ranked Beaches

It’s considered one of the top beaches in New England, and for good reason. Race Point Beach in Provincetown is a fantastic place to visit, and a true favorite of visitors and locals, alike.

AAA recently made it official by declaring the beach one of the five best beaches in New England. Race Point Beach was the only beach on Cape Cod, or in Massachusetts for that matter, to earn a spot on the list.

According to AAA, the breathtaking views help set the beach apart from the rest. It also points out you can sometimes see whales and seals out in the water. The whales are easier to spot in the spring when they begin migrating to cooler waters.

In addition, the association points out how easy it is to hop on the Province Lands Bike Trail from Race Point, which connects up to Herring Cove Beach. There are certainly plenty of other reasons to enjoy the location, as well.

The soft sand of Race Point Beach stretches for several miles. If you’re looking for a quieter setting without a lot of people, you can try heading west along the coastline.

This is a good spot to go for a nature hike or simply spot some wildlife. If you’re up for it, it’s a nearly two-mile long hike through dunes and beach grass to reach the historic Race Point Light.  The old Provincetown landmark is a popular spot for visitors today, but actually traces its roots all the way back to the early 1800s. The beach also offers some seasonal lifeguards, restrooms and changing facilities.

There’s really no bad place to catch a spectacular beach sunset in this area. As for swimming, though, you might find the water at Race Point is a bit chilly and oftentimes includes strong currents and waves.

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