Where on the Cape to See the Iconic Cranberry Bogs

Photo: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Peak harvest season is going on right now on Cape Cod, but if you’re still trying to figure out where exactly to see the iconic cranberry bogs, you’re in luck. From now until mid to late October, the harvest season is in full swing. 

Old Colony Bog- South Yarmouth

It’s easy to watch the harvest at Old Colony Bog in South Yarmouth from Knob Hill Road, but you can also reach the bog from the Cape Cod Rail Trail. In the past, the bog has typically done its harvest in mid to late October. 

Thacher Cranberries- Harwich 

The Rail Trail in Harwich takes you right by Thacher Cranberries. You can also get there by car, but keep in mind there’s not much parking along Great Western Road.

Fresh From the Vine- West Yarmouth

Fresh From the Vine cranberry farm in West Yarmouth sits along Route 28. You can check their Facebook to see when to come out for the best viewing, which should start soon. The owners sell dry harvested berries from a farm stand by the bog, which is typically open until they sell out each season.

Halls Cape Cod Cranberries- North Harwich

It also won’t be long before they harvest at Halls Cape Cod Cranberries in North Harwich. This is an eight-acre bog. You can always check their Facebook for updates on this year’s harvest too, which should be happening soon.

Bog tours

If you want, you can sign up for one of the cranberry bog tours, which operate in various locations, such as Harwich. Some of the tours last about an hour-and-a-half and require a ticket. In season, you may be able to pick up some fresh cranberries yourself, either before or after the tour.

Cranberry Arts & Music Festival- Harwich

There’s still time to make it out to the Harwich Cranberry Arts & Music Festival, too. That’s because this year’s fair has been rescheduled for mid to late October.

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