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chequesset inn wellfleet ma

There are a lot of great places to stay on Cape Cod, but there’s one legendary resort in Wellfleet you can’t stay at or even see. That’s because the resort is mostly just memories these days.

The old Chequesset Inn was once one of the grandest resorts on the Outer Cape. A wealthy fruit company owner built the hotel on Mercantile Wharf in the 1880s.

It’s said the inn was designed to look like an ocean liner with cabins. Known as the “Hotel Over the Sea”, the four-story resort helped turned Wellfleet from a fishing village to a popular summer resort town.

Visitors flocked to the area. The Chequesset Inn only had around 60 rooms, but amenities of the all-inclusive resort were certainly plentiful. Guests could go fishing, boating, play tennis or

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billingsgate light - wellfleet ma

Sometimes referred to as “The Lost Island” of Wellfleet, Billingsgate may not be as well-known today as some other Cape Cod islands, but it certainly still retains a prominent spot in Cape Cod history. Located about 2.5-miles off the shore of Wellfleet, it’s thought Billingsgate Island originally got its name from the Billingsgate Fish Market in London.

At 60-acres in size, the island was once a prime spot for fishing. While it wasn’t very large itself, the island grew in population during the warmer months of the year. Around the 1820s, a lighthouse went up on the island.

It was only the second lighthouse on Cape Cod. Eventually some development followed, with nearly three-dozen homes constructed, as well as a store and a schoolhouse. Even a

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lt island - wellfleet ma

More isolated than some other parts of the Cape, Lieutenant’s Island in Wellfleet is the kind of place that drives you to take a walk on the wild site. The isolated island is a bit more secluded, but nevertheless offers a unique place to visit and explore.

Named after a 17th-century Wampanoag who held the first deed to the island, the Pilgrims once used the marshes for horses and cows. By the late 1800s, developers took notice, and began building vacation homes on the island.

Very few of the island’s residents live there full-time. However, you will find plenty of native birds and wildlife.

Lt’s Island itself is only connected up to the mainland with an old wooden bridge and a narrow causeway. During a strong tide or stormy weather, that

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great pond - wellfleet ma

Each summer people flock to Cape Cod, but there’s an option for getting in the water that doesn’t include dipping your toes in the ocean at all. Kettle ponds are one of the Cape’s true treasures, and you’ll never have to worry about even remotely coming close to a shark.

Around 20 of these freshwater ponds are scatted throughout Wellfleet and Truro. While some are hard to find and difficult to reach, others are great for a day out in the sun.

Made famous in recent years by travel writers, the ponds of Cape Cod are just as appealing as they are unique. Likely formed around 15,000 years ago by melting glaciers, the massive holes left behind eventually filled with fresh water, forming the kettle ponds we know today.

The larger ponds are called

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cape cod rail trail

If you’re looking for a great way to experience the best scenery on the Cape, one way to do it is to hop on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Running from Yarmouth to Wellfleet, the trail follows an old railroad right-of-way.

At 25.5 miles long, the paved trail is relatively flat, well-marked, and is said to be a great experience for those of all ages and experience. Bicyclists, walkers, runners and even horseback riders can use the trail.

To understand the history of the Cape Cod Rail Trail, though, you need to step back in time. During the 1800s it was extremely difficult to reach Cape Cod. That began to change when railroad tracks connected up Boston to Provincetown, leading visitors from places like Boston, New York and Connecticut to the Cape.

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art gallery - wellfleet ma

Filled with art galleries and studios, Wellfleet is quite literally the Cape’s artsy town. While many are drawn to the area for its beaches and natural beauty, you could also spend days simply exploring Wellfleet’s artistic side.

While only a few thousand people live in Wellfleet year-round, its population really takes off during the summer months. That’s when many visitors and seasonal residents flock to the Cape, in search of summertime fun and adventures.

While outdoor recreation and relaxation is certainly an option, some come to stroll through the dozen or so art galleries found in Wellfleet. In operation for nearly 40 years, the Wellfleet Art Gallery Association helps to promote the town as a center for arts and crafts galleries.


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piping plover Photo: kathy1006

Birding on Cape Cod does not have to be left to the busy tourist season. Void of the big crowds, winter can be a great time to do just that.

There’s very little traffic during the winter months. While you won’t find yourself fighting the crowds, you will likely spot some birdlife you may not necessarily see in other places.

Provincetown, in particular, has several good birding locations during the winter months. If you have the time, consider heading to Herring Cove, Beech Forest or Race Point.

If time is a consideration, try one of the easier spots to get to like Provincetown Harbor. You can drive onto MacMillan Wharf and even stay in your car if you want. It’s a good place to spot gulls, seabirds, loons and ducks.


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family name signs - wellfleet ma

Cape Cod may draw in big crowds over the summer months, but the destination’s not just for those in search of a summer vacation. The Cape also draws in thousands of professionals hoping to gain new skills to take back home when they leave.

In fact, it’s relatively well known that Wellfleet and nearby Truro commonly drawing in a large number of psychiatrists and others in the mental health profession each year, some who come for seminars and some who come on their own accord. The latter is a tradition that’s been in the making for decades.

Years ago, psychoanalysts first began gathering in the Wellfleet area, although at the time it was mostly an informal affair. Flash forward to more modern times and the location now hosts week-long seminars,

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head of the meadow - truro ma

Offering up a more peaceful and remote escape than many other areas in the region, the Outer Cape is a place for relaxation, far away from the large crowds and the vibrancy of many other waterfront destinations. Basking in the beauty of the Cape Cod National Seashore, tens of thousands of acres in the region sit undisturbed, offering an alluring location for visitors and locals alike.

The attraction of the Outer Cape is evident, from the miles upon miles of hiking and biking trails to the historic sites and stretches of long sandy beachfront that often draw people to the area. Much more removed than other locations on the Cape, this is the place to find inspirational unspoiled beaches. It’s also, though, a place of contrast, from more lively

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wellfleet oysters

Long considered some of the best in the world, Wellfleet oysters have been a true favorite for generations. While actually transplanted to the area in the 1800s, the world-renowned oysters have long since made a place for themselves up and down the Cape.

The Wellfleet oyster actually translates to millions of dollars for the local economy. Shellfishing is no doubt big business on Cape Cod, with a longstanding tradition of harvesting fresh oysters. In fact, it’s said the surrounding area is truly engrained in the oysters, and not just in the name.  

The tasty Cape delicacy no doubt gains some of its flavor due to the cold waters of the region. The combination of lower water temperatures and 12-foot tides are said to make the oysters sweeter and plumper

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