The Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Boston

delucas beacon hill - boston maPhoto: Jasperdo

It’s relatively easy to get where you want to go in Boston without a car. In fact, the city is filled with walkable neighborhoods.

Beacon Hill

As one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods, there’s plenty to see and explore in Beacon Hill. This affluent neighborhood offers a number of beautiful old brownstones, antique shops and cobblestone streets. It’s an easy walk for many to get to work or take a stroll to the T line, plus walking through Beacon Hill is like take a step through time.

South End

A walk through South End is definitely worth it, as well. Unlike Beacon Hill though, the South End is home to several new and modern buildings. The summer season is a particularly good time to hit up the open market, and food trucks typically come out on the weekends.

North End

In contrast, North End is a popular spot for working professionals to live and commute into downtown. The neighborhood offers several Italian restaurants to try out, plus Boston Public Market is a popular spot to pick up fresh seafood and produce. It’s common to see visitors walking around too, many of whom make time to visit the Paul Revere House. The neighborhood isn’t as easy to navigate with a car, further adding to its pedestrian-friendly appeal.

Bay Village

As the smallest official neighborhood in Boston, it doesn’t take long to walk around Bay Village. This tiny neighborhood is only about six square blocks in size. It’s a good place for walking or for bike riding. It also features some historical sites.

Chinatown-Leather District

In contrast, neighboring Chinatown and the Leather District make up about 30 square blocks in Boston. With easy access to what you need in the downtown area, it’s often simpler to get around both places by walking rather than by driving.

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