The Most Charming Boston Coastal Suburbs to Explore

Photo: Bill Ilott

Boston is full of great places to see and explore, but it you venture a bit farther from the city, you’ll find some charming coastal suburbs in the South Shore.


Located right on the Bay, Cohasset has some scenic beaches and beautiful homes. Overlooking Cohasset Harbor, dine right on the waterfront or check out some of Cohasset’s art galleries. In early summer there’s an annual art festival in Cohasset called the South Shore Arts Festival. 

The area is also a good place to enjoy nature, especially at Whitney and Thayer Woods. Right by the Weir River, the nature reserve and forest also includes some open fields and amazing scenery. 


A fun place for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the colder months of the year on the South Shore, Hingham is also a great place for hiking or jogging with distant views of the Boston skyline. This charming suburb is probably best known as home to World’s End, which has remained a natural park and conservation area on the peninsula for generations.

Wompatuck State Park is a great place for an outing too, as it provides streams, ponds, and wooded areas to explore, including campgrounds and some forest trails. Just a ferry ride away from Boston, you’ll also find a range of options when it comes to finding a place to grab a bite to eat in Hingham.


The coastal suburb of Plymouth has a rich history and is thought to be the spot where the Mayflower first came ashore hundreds of years ago. Today, it remains a great place to explore, whether you’re enjoying a meal overlooking the wharf or sitting back and watching the sun rise over Plymouth Long Beach.  

The town also has some fun shops, plus you can also take a day trip to do some whale watching, or stay on dry ground and enjoy area festivals, fresh seafood, and the arts. 

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