The Best Boston Hoods for Food

Photo: GmanViz

Boston is full of things to do and places to go, and that includes some great places to grab a bite to eat. Some of the best Boston neighborhoods for food cater to a variety of tastes and have plenty to offer.

East Boston

Often called Eastie, East Boston is the place to go for Latin American food in Boston. Most of the restaurants in the neighborhood cater to flavors of Mexico and El Salvador, but you’ll find some other Central American fare in East Boston, as well.


If you’re in the mood to try some Vietnamese food, try heading to Dorchester. The neighborhood has around a dozen or so Vietnamese restaurants and shops along Dorchester Avenue. Another plus is that you’re more likely to find parking here than some other Boston neighborhoods.

Lowell Highlands

Lowell Highlands has a high number of residents with Cambodian ancestry, and you’ll find a large number of Cambodian restaurants just to the west of the Lowell MBTA station. Most of the options are casual spots that serve up traditional selections.


From bubble teas shops to Korean barbeque hot spots, Allston in Boston’s unofficial Koreatown. This is where you’ll find an authentic Burmese restaurant, street food, poke bowls and more. 

North End

Like Allston, the North End is the city’s version of Little Italy. Indulge in some of the city’s best Italian food in this neighborhood, then head over to one of the local pastry shops to finish the night off with a cannoli.

Brookline Village

If you have a craving for New York-style delis in Boston, head to Brookline Village. The area has several options to choose from. You’ll also find kosher bagels and pastries in the neighborhood.


Enjoy soul food, regional African, and Caribbean food in Roxbury. There are some casual Somali restaurants in the neighborhood, as well as freshly made Nigerian cuisine. This is one of the largest neighborhoods in Boston.

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