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stage harbor - chatham ma

From its landmark lighthouse to its historic homes, there’s plenty to uncover when you set out to explore Stage Harbor. The Stage Harbor Lighthouse, also known as Harding’s Beach Lighthouse, may just be one of the most recognizable sites in this part of Cape Cod.

It’s actually the region’s youngest lighthouse. Constructed in the late 1800s at the entrance to Stage Harbor, the lighthouse is privately owned today, but you may still find time to see it during the occasional tour. It does open to the public during a designated week in May.

It’s still possible to see the lighthouse from afar, though, with some of the best views possible from Harding’s Beach. You may also be able to get a good view from the other side of the harbor.

If historic

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stage harbor yacht club

Now that the Town of Chatham has purchased the Stage Harbor Dock, local leaders are looking at fast-tracking renovation plans to help serve the area’s commercial fishing fleet in the future. Previously owned by the Eldredge family for more than a half-century, the town purchased the dock a few months back, then leased it back to the family for work as a commercial pier.

At the time, the dock was viewed as an alternative to serve the town’s commercial fishing fleet, pending any future problems in accessing the pier at Aunt Lydia’s Cove. Already, though, some commercial vessels and recreational boats are having trouble navigating the inlet leading from the ocean into Chatham Harbor. That’s why proponents say its vitally important to upgrade and renovate

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chatham harbor

A favorite destination for its impressive scenery, great fishing and amazing beaches, Chatham also holds the distinction of serving boaters with not one, but two harbors. The twin harbors consist of Chatham Harbor in the east and Stage Harbor in the south, both providing distinct services to boaters in the Cape Cod area.

Chatham Harbor is home to a majority of the region’s local fishing boats, plus offers up access to Pleasant Bay and the Atlantic. It’s not always a simple destination for small boats as numerous winter storms have changed the coastline here, sometimes making conditions a bit dangerous before entering. For this reason boaters are encouraged to really watch out for channel markers, especially around Chatham Harbor.

Still, though, Chatham

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