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chatham harbor

Chatham’s main harbor is certainly not immune to the challenges of Mother Nature; with town officials every year concerned about the damage left from winter and spring storms, this year being no exception. In fact, area leaders are well aware of the difficulties that local commercial fishing vessels are still having in navigating the opening made in the barrier beach during a 1987 storm.

It’s sometimes dangerous to enter Chatham Harbor, and some vessels are doing their best to avoid what’s been called one of the East Coast’s most dangerous ports. Several actually switched to using Saquatucket Harbor over in Harwich this winter season.

While not all experts agree, some feel that it may only be a matter of time before fishermen will no longer be able to

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chatham harbor

A favorite destination for its impressive scenery, great fishing and amazing beaches, Chatham also holds the distinction of serving boaters with not one, but two harbors. The twin harbors consist of Chatham Harbor in the east and Stage Harbor in the south, both providing distinct services to boaters in the Cape Cod area.

Chatham Harbor is home to a majority of the region’s local fishing boats, plus offers up access to Pleasant Bay and the Atlantic. It’s not always a simple destination for small boats as numerous winter storms have changed the coastline here, sometimes making conditions a bit dangerous before entering. For this reason boaters are encouraged to really watch out for channel markers, especially around Chatham Harbor.

Still, though, Chatham

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The fishing fleet in Chatham Harbor

There’s no doubt Cape Cod is one of the most beautiful and scenic locations around.  Imagine a place, then, that captures all that you love about the region, while at the same time raising the bar on all of your needs and desires.  That’s what you’ll find when you discover the beauty and exclusivity of living in style along Chatham’s Shore Road.

This prestigious area of Cape Cod offers more than just an address for homeowners.  It also guarantees a certain lifestyle that many families only hope to attain.  With white picket fences, spectacular patios for outdoor entertaining and living, and expansive properties, the homes of Shore Road provide a quiet oasis for those hoping to experience the very best of living on Cape Cod.

For those lucky enough to

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