Redhot Trend of Living in Converted Firehouses

bay village converted firehouse - boston ma

Housing trends are constantly changing, but one of the biggest trends right now is quite literally red hot! It involves former firehouses being converted into residences, and the market for these types of homes is said to be only heating up.

These aren’t just any old fire stations. The ones that have recently been converted were mostly built between the mid 1800s and the turn-of-the-century. They offer plenty of charm and plenty of inspiration.

The newly converted residences are unique, and often don’t stay on the market for long. That’s because they offer history and a range of features you simply won’t find in other typical homes.

This includes things like spiral staircases and cathedral ceilings. One old firehouse turned condo building, in particular, sits in Jamaica Plain.

It’s hard to miss the quirky condo building from the outside, with its arched red doors that once opened up to welcome Boston’s very first motorized fire engine. Inside, you’ll find exposed brick in the living room and open shelving in the kitchen.

 While perhaps not necessarily for everyone, the condos are celebrated for what they do offer. Just imagine kicking back on your couch in the very same spot where a fire truck used to park for the night.

Another old firehouse in East Boston is now a condo building, itself. During the conversion project, crews reinstalled fire poles, allowing residents of the building to simply slide down a pole to answer their front door.

While some of the converted condos are quite small in size, there are also some much larger options. Some of these include their own private roof decks and city views.

When it comes to unique residences, the Boston area has plenty of options to choose from, including some old firehouses with plenty of history and plenty of unique attributes for the right buyer.

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