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There are hundreds of ponds to choose from on Cape Cod, offering up space for swimming, fishing, canoeing and kayaking. Because a majority of the freshwater ponds in the region are kettle ponds, they are relatively clear, as well.

The ponds are also often less crowded than other parts of Cape Cod. If you’re interested in some property overlooking one of these ponds, there are several enticing options for buyers to choose from.

Hundreds of homes line the shoreline of Long Pond. As the Cape’s largest and deepest pond, Long Pond sits at the border of Harwich and Brewster. Some of the homes on this crystal-clear pond have decks overlooking the water and easy access to a sandy beach. Swimming is popular on this freshwater pond too, as is kayaking and

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 Indian Ponds - Maston Mills MA

While Cape Cod’s known for its beautiful beaches and waterfront possibilities, some of its inland sites may prove just as enticing. Locals know that some of the best swimming, kayaking and fishing is possible on one of the many kettle ponds that dot the area.

Made up of a total of three interconnected ponds, Indian Ponds in Marstons Mills is an especially popular location for boating, fishing and swimming all year long. A joining of Mystic Lake, Middle Pond and Hamblin Pond, the freshwater kettle ponds have been a part of the local community for generations.

Located in the west Barnstable village of Marstons Mills, each pond measures more than 100-acres in size. You’ll also find a nice selection of unique, waterfront homes surrounding the

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paddleboarding in wellfleetPaddleboarding is really making a splash on Cape Cod, one of the trendiest new options for water sports in the region. In fact, some claim that standup paddleboarding is the world’s fastest growing water sport, offering a challenging workout from beginners to those who are more advanced.

While the sport is great for workouts it’s also quickly becoming a great way for exploring the waterways of Cape Cod, from the ocean coastline to the marshes and kettle ponds. Because you stand up to paddleboard you’re sure to take in some great scenery, from the fish and seals to the shells washed up near the shore.

It’s easy to find paddleboard rental shops all over the Cape, many of which not only offer up lessons but also include guided tours. While workers can suggest

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If you’ve ever wanted to take in some world-class fishing, or perhaps just cast a line at one of the 300+ freshwater lakes and ponds on Cape Cod, now is the time!  The area is richly diverse with a large variety of fish and just as many fantastic fishing spots.

Cape Cod is a popular location to catch Bluefish, Tautog, Striped Bass and Mackerel during the months of spring, summer and fall. 

Bass River Bridge

A well-known spot for fishing in the Mid-Cape region, Bass River Bridge is the man-made separation for the towns of Yarmouth and Dennis.  It’s a good location to snag Bluefish, Striped Bass and Winter Flounder.  You have the best opportunity if you fish where the tide is flowing away on the bridge’s down tide side.  Parking is easy right

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With plenty of room for swimming, boating and simply searching for shells, the beaches of Harwich provide a unique option for both residents and visitors.  This location offers a number of beaches to choose from, including both private and public sites.

Bank Street Beach

One of the most popular is Bank Street.  This beach offers warm water with small waves.  It’s a great location to go searching for shells, but keep it mind it attracts a lot of people during the busier times of the year.

At this beach, you’ll find some parking, plus lifeguards and a boardwalk.  You’ll also find restrooms at this public, saltwater beach.  To get to Bank Street Beach, you’ll find it in Harwich Port, just off Bank Street.

Fernandes Bog at Long Pond

If you’re in

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When you think of Cape Cod, you probably have visions of the ocean and its shoreline.  However, the Cape also boasts a cache of freshwater alternatives.  These are called kettle ponds, in fact Wellfleet and Truro have about 20 of them just waiting to be explored.  Many of them now operate as area swimming beaches, but some of them are so remote they offer visitors a tranquil place to escape the crowds and return to nature.

The history of kettle ponds is quite remarkable.  They were formed when glacier ice melted, resulting in huge holes that then filled up with fresh water.  This happened more than 15,000 years ago, and the “kettles” are still there.  Unlike the ocean, most of the kettle ponds don’t have a beach and you have to trudge through the

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If you’re searching for a truly unique destination, consider taking a trip out to Long Pond.  Known as Cape Cod’s largest pond, Long Pond is located on the Lower Cape at the border of Brewster and Harwich and stretches more than 700 acres.  This freshwater kettle pond offers crystal clear water and a sandy bottom.  The deepest part of Long Pond is 66 feet, with an average water depth of around 23 feet.

Swimming is extremely popular in the area, with a lifeguard stationed at Long Pond between around July 4 to Labor Day, every day of the week during the morning and afternoon hours.  If you’re looking instead for some outdoor recreation that takes in some of the scenery, there is the Long Pond Circular Bicycle Route.  The route stretches about 13 miles,

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gull pond - wellfleet ma

While the Cape Cod ocean beaches receive top billing, the Cape is also blessed with a 200+ freshwater "kettle" ponds scattered throughout the various communities.  A dip in the cool, clear waters of a cherished pond is a favorite Cape Cod memory for residents and visitors alike.  Henry David Thoreau famously visited the Wellfleet ponds in the mid-1800s, later remarking on them in "Cape Cod."   

While the National Seashore identifies 20 official ponds scattered throughout the beach forests of Wellfleet and Truro, ponds are also an appealing part of the landscape in communities such as Brewster, Harwich, and Eastham.  These unique kettles were formed as a product of the Ice Age some 15,000 years ago.  As the glacier ice melted, it left behind massive

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While most of us have pulled our kayaks off the beaches and landings of Cape Cod, I did see a lone kayaker navigating out in Wellfleet Harbor last Friday.  Watching this solo paddler get in an early December workout was truly inspirational to say the least!

One of the best ways to experience the raw, natural beauty of the Cape is by kayak.  Kayaking not only gives you access to areas that may be difficult to reach on foot but also provides a great workout while beating the heat.  Wellfleet has an abundance of options whether you're looking for a relaxing paddle or a grand exploration.  Here are a few local favorites: 

Gull Pond

Gull Pond is the only Wellfleet pond with boat rentals and as Wellfleet's largest pond, provides lots of room for

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