Milton Boasts Agrarian Roots and Celebrity Inhabitants

Photo: Jimmy Emerson, DVM

While it may boast Agrarian roots, upscale Milton is home to several celebrity inhabitants today. Once part of Dorchester, Puritan families settled the area in the mid 1600s, but it wasn’t long before it became its own separate city.

At that time, large estates and farms dotted the region. Milton grew to include several mills, especially along the Neponset River. In the early 1900s, streetcars emerged, and soon the town was divided into tracts for residential properties.

Only about 10 miles south of Boston, several big names have had ties to the area in the past, including President George HW Bush, who was born in Milton. Comedian Jenny Slate, of Saturday Night Live, grew up in Milton too, and poet T.S. Eliot, once attended the Milton Academy prep school in Milton.

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick also attended Milton Academy and has owned a home in Milton. Celebrities or not, Milton is a special place to live, with many historic homes to choose from.

Some 19th Century homes till stand in Milton. Some of the old Victorian-era homes are quite large and sit near the center of town. There are also some tall Colonials and some Mid-Century ranch homes that were constructed around the 1950s.

The suburb is made up of five primary neighborhoods. Upper Mills is mostly for large family homes, while Town Center is where you’ll find museums and galleries. East Town area is another section part of Milton, while Central Village is filled with local shops. The fifth main neighborhood is Blue Hills.

While it’s possible to find homes priced under $ 1million, there are other homes in Milton that sell in the multi-million-dollar range. For those who don’t have that high of a budget, or are looking for a lower maintenance lifestyle, there are some condos and townhomes in Milton, too.

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