Living in the Seaport

Photo: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Once considered an industrial section of Boston, living in the Seaport now means living in luxury condo towers right on the South Boston waterfront. While the neighborhood isn’t exactly known for its affordability, it is the place to go if you’re in search of a new, turnkey condo in a great neighborhood.

Mostly home to young professionals and empty nesters, the Seaport is where you’ll find some of the newest possibilities in restaurants and culture, too. While its already home to some new construction, more buildings and more development is planned for the near future.

This includes new lofts, new apartment buildings, and high-end condos right on the waterfront, serving up harbor and skyline views. In addition, you’ll now find some new and exciting restaurant options in the Seaport, many of which have opened in recent years.

Some of these new restaurants and retailers sit on the ground floor of new condo buildings. Not only are you in for some exceptional waterfront views in the Seaport, but you can also purchase freshly caught seafood, straight from the Fish Pier.

This is also the place to be for art and culture, as the neighborhood serves as home to the Institute of Contemporary Art. You may also be able to enjoy live music at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, as it commonly hosts concerts, mostly during the summer season.

Despite all the advantages, living in the Seaport isn’t exactly the easiest place to be for public transportation in Boston. The Silver Line does make it possible to get to South Station, you can drive, or you can even utilize one of the bus routes that do service the neighborhood.

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