Harwich Port Recognized for Main Street

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Affluent Harwich Port is no longer simply a celebrated location of residents and visitors, but is now getting top honors for its Main Street, nationwide. The village was just recognized for playing host to one of America’s best main streets.

According to Country Living magazine, the Harwich Port Main Street lands at number 21 on its list of the top 23 small town main streets in the entire nation. It’s the only Cape Cod town to make the list, and one of just a handful of locations in New England. The publication acknowledges it chose Harwich Port for everything from great food to vendors and live music.

The new ranking should come as no surprise, for the area was also declared the second ‘Happiest Seaside Town’ for 2016, as designated by Coastal Living magazine. The village is home to mostly local shops and boutique stores, with some fine dining establishments, all a short walk from the beach.

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It’s common to find visitors and residents strolling through downtown, window shopping or indulging in a great meal. When you’ve shopped through all the stores, take the short walk over to Nantucket Sound to catch a sensational sunset or tip back a beverage or a cup of coffee to the sounds of live music in the air.

With an authentic ‘Cape Cod experience’ in check, Harwich Port provides the ideal location for browsing jewelry stores and bakeries or indulging in fresh seafood and ice cream. With a small town vibe and unmistakable vacation allure, Harwich Port continues to entice new visitors and even future residents, charmed by its quaint stores and sites, beautiful scenery and unmistakable appeal.

For some of the most favorable shops and restaurants and a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, there is no equal to Harwich Port and the engaging attractions of its popular village Main Street.

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