Dazzling Winter Hike Near Boston

world's end - hingham maPhoto: Bill IIott

For a dazzling winter hike near Boston, consider taking a stroll along the scenic trails of South Shore. The New York Times recently named World’s End in Hingham one of the nation’s most worthwhile places to escape the city this winter.

World’s End is a more than 250-acre park and conservation area. It’s described as the kind of place to go for a winter stroll, or even to cross-country ski or snowshoe when the weather cooperates.

The Times specifically recommends the view from Planter’s Hill. Formed by glaciers, the spoon-shaped hills of World’s End jut out into Hingham Harbor.

While World’s End remains a natural spot today, that wasn’t always the plan. Several ideas were hatched to develop the property over the years, but none ever came to be.

By the late 1960s, local leaders and residents were successful in preserving the area. These days, the property consists of 4.5-miles of carriage paths and footpaths, serving up some sensational views of the Boston skyline, Hingham Harbor itself and the Weir River.

Along with the views and the opportunity to go on a hike on one of the wooded pathways or trails, visitors also have access to a drinking fountain, benches and public restrooms. A map at the entrance helps show visitors where the trails are and what to expect.

Visitors can choose to stay on a grassy trail or take a trail down to the rocky shoreline and walk close to the water. It’s a likely place to spot birds, boats and kayaks during the warmer seasons of the year, and simply enjoy a relaxing experience along the way.

While beautiful during the winter season, it’s the kind of place that can be visited during all seasons. The Hingham park is open year-round, generally from morning to sunset. There’s a small fee for non-members to visit.

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