Days’ Cottages in Truro: Iconic Cape Community

days cottages - truro ma

Known by some as the flower cottages, the Days’ Cottages in Truro are truly part of an iconic Cape community. A staple in the area since the early 1930s, the cottages offer perhaps some of the best and most immediate access to the sand and water.

Identical from the outside, the 22 cottages are right on the beach between North Truro and Provincetown. Standing all in a row, the cottages have no doubt been the subjects of countless photographs over the years, and they have quite a story to tell.

The Days’ Cottages are all painted white with green shutters, but they’re individually recognized by their names. The original owners named each after its own flower, giving some individualized identity to the Truro beach cottages.

After all, it’s hard to distinguish the cottages from each other from the outside and local laws keep them from ever being altered. They sit right on the beach, though, offering up a front row seat to the sand and water three seasons a year.

Once privately owned by the Days family and rented out during the summer season, the condos have more recently been sold off to individuals, including some families with a long history of vacationing in the area for generations. Those same vacationers who grew up spending the summer season in the cottages, now bring their own family members, as more and more generations come to discover the splendid location right on the sand and water.

While the cottages have been updated with more modern additions, including new furnaces, appliances, roofs and windows, they remain a tribute to Truro’s past. The Days' Cottages cozy floor plans may be smaller than some apartments and condos, yet they offer decades-old charm and style that would be difficult to replicate today and remains truly appreciated by countless visitors to Cape Cod.

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