Chatham Neighborhoods Explained

While Chatham does not have officially recognized neighborhoods per se, the seaside village does have some truly special sections of town. From popular Main Street to excursions out on the water, Chatham is favored for its own uniqueness and charm.


If you’re searching for a quaint downtown district, you’ll find it on Main Street in Downtown Chatham. The downtown area is home to a number of restaurants, stores and coffee shops, the majority of which are independently owned. This is a very pedestrian-friendly section of Chatham, and there’s plenty for locals and tourists to enjoy.

West Chatham

Like its name implies, West Chatham sits just to the west of downtown and is home to many stores, restaurants and markets itself, many of which line Route 28/Main Street. This is also the section of town where you’ll find Chatham Municipal Airport.

Shore Road

The east side of Chatham is where you’ll find some of Chatham’s most beautiful homes, especially those situated along Shore Road. This part of town is also where you’ll find Chatham Light and Lighthouse Beach. 

Chatham Port/North Chatham

The area of Chatham Port and North Chatham is home to several residential areas, plus it has some nice shops and restaurants for visitors and locals, alike. You will also find some inns and some great water views from this side of town.


The private community of Quitnessett sits on Chatham’s southeastern side. Just one road leads to the peninsula, and it’s entirely residential in this section, except for the nearby wildlife refuge. It’s the place to take in views of marshes, ponds, dunes and ocean habitats.

Out on the water

Of course, being out on the water is a big draw, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities in the area. From off-shore fishing to whale watching tours, organized cruises to open sailing, there’s plenty to do, see and explore off the coast of Chatham.

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