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mashnee island - bourne ma

Nearly surrounded by water, Mashnee Island is, quite simply, waterfront paradise in Buzzards Bay. This small community may not be widely known, but for some that’s definitely part of its appeal.

Home to around 140 houses, Mashnee Island offers some incredible views and plenty of history. While residents are able to drive across a one-mile causeway to reach their homes today, in the old days it often meant taking a boat.

That’s because at one time, Mashnee was an actual island. The 50-acre piece of land was originally owned by Native Americans.

Later, it later used for grazing sheep, harvesting salt, as a sailing camp and even as a lookout spot for the Coast Guard during World War II. Following the war, developers came in and made Mashnee into

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message in a bottle on beachPhoto: Blew Bird

You’ve likely watched a movie or even read a book about finding a message in a bottle. As it turns out, sometimes the story is real life.

When it comes to Cape Beaches, finding a message in a bottle isn’t really that uncommon. Last month, a young family discovered their own bottle while walking along Falmouth Heights Beach and searching for shells.

The family says their three-year-old actually found the bottle. They picked it up, opened it, and found a message supposedly from the U.K, inside. The message was dated 2009. The family says they plan to put their own message in a new bottle and keep the gesture going.

It’s not the only such discovery. Last December another man claims he found an old glass bottle with a message

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old silver beach - falmouth maPhoto: Mike Deslauriers

If you’re looking for a great beach for some outdoor fun in Falmouth, you’re in luck. With nearly 70 miles of coastline, the area has some fantastic options in terms of its white sand beaches.

Wood Neck

A true family favorite, Wood Neck is remembered for its tidal pools and its sandbars. It’s simply the perfect location for those of all ages. While the rocky beach isn’t the best place to put down a beach towel, it’s fun to set up a beach chair down by the shore.

There’s also a lagoon side and an ocean side to choose from. If you want to try to catch some horseshoe crabs, be sure to bring your fishing net. You’ll find the beach off Sippewissett Road.


Known by locals simply as “Chappy”, Chapoquoit Beach is

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cataumet - bourne maPhoto: Steve Shattuck

From sailing to tennis, walking trails to ice cream shops, there’s plenty of family-friendly fun to be found in Cataumet. As one of the Town of Bourne’s nine villages, peaceful Cataumet is a true summer destination for those headed to Cape Cod.

Located on Buzzards Bay, Cataumet sits to the south of Pocasset and the north of Falmouth. For fun and recreation in Cataumet, head to the Cape Cod Canal.

This popular outdoor spot sits nearby and offers up seven miles of walking and biking trails. It’s also a good spot for fishing, as the canal links up Buzzards Bay to Cape Cod Bay. Sightseeing boats also cruise up and down the canal.

Another spot to get out and enjoy nature is the Cataumet Greenway. The nearly 95-acres of

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cape cod canal during construction

While visitors to Cape Cod may take the Cape Cod Canal for granted these days, the man-made channel has served an important role in the region for generations. Thousands of people cross over one of the canal’s three bridges every year, likely not even thinking about its origins.

Officially connecting up Cape Cod Bay to Buzzards Bay, the canal, for some, was a long time coming. While officially dating back to the early 1900s, the Cape Cod Canal was actually planned out hundreds of years earlier. Some reports suggest locals saw the need for the canal as early as the 1600s in terms of trade.

In the days of George Washington, leaders slightly changed course, instead envisioning a way to use the canal to help the American fleet during the

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