Bourne Rotary Gets Billion Dollar Upgrade

Photo:  Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Tens of thousands of drivers are said to utilize the Bourne Rotary every year, and now it seems the heavily utilized traffic circle is in for an upgrade. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has earmarked $1.8 million for a project to enhance the circle, thereby improving safety and traffic flow in the near future.

It’s expected the project will kick off later this spring. Plans include what the state is referring to as minor widening, restriping, and better signage to direct traffic. 

Plans also show some rumble strips will be added to help keep drivers in their lanes, and some new landscaping will be added, too. The redesign should mean that drivers who don’t need to utilize the entire circle will be able to stay in certain lanes while traveling through it, hopefully cutting back on congestion and the risk of accidents.

Around a decade ago a report by the Cape Cod Commission identified the traffic circle as a “high-crash location”. The Bourne Rotary was first designed around the time of the Depression.

While travelers use it all year, most of the cars and drivers are said to come during the busy summer months. Still, the circle is often backed up during the morning rush hour with people heading to work, school buses, big delivery trucks, and more.

The upgrade to Bourne Rotary will likely begin in March and not finish until November. There is some good news, however, for those worried about more backups. Most of the work will be performed at night and it won’t be performed during the busy summer months.

The traffic circle sits just to the south of the Bourne Bridge, and is commonly known for its interior landscaping, which spells out “Cape Cod”. Future maintenance work on the nearby bridge, which spans the Cape Cod Canal, isn’t expected to happen before 2025.

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