All About Falmouth’s Nobska Lighthouse

Photo: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Falmouth’s Nobska Lighthouse has had a presence on Cape Cod for generations, and even today stands proudly overlooking Nonamesset Island and Martha’s Vineyard on the Cape’s southwestern tip. Part of the Village of Woods Hole, the Falmouth lighthouse was once referred to as Nobsque Light.

Constructed in the 1820s for around $2,900, the former light originally sat on top of the keeper’s house. This changed about a half-century later when an iron tower was constructed.

Over the course of the 19th Century, keepers tracked maritime traffic from the lighthouse. Flash-forward to the mid 1980s, however, and the lighthouse became automated. The Coast Guard then took control.

Soon thereafter, the Nobska Point Light was given a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. The Coast Guard formally transferred the lighthouse to the town in more recent years.

The town then handed over renovation and maintenance of the site to the Friends of Nobska Light nonprofit. Recent progress has included replacing some of the broken glass, painting the tower, and fixing some of its corrosion issues.

There are four buildings that make up the light station. There’s the actual tower and keeper’s house, a small oil house, and a radio beacon house.

Phase two of the renovation project is currently underway and involves transforming the keeper’s house at Nobska Lighthouse into a future maritime museum. If you want to see the lighthouse, you may be able to catch a small tour.

Tours run on select days and times during the busy season and tickets are sold on-site. There’s also a gift shop to visit. On the outside, you’ll likely see some of the engraved bricks, which are tied to lighthouse donors.

The lighthouse grounds are open from dawn to dusk. You’ll find the Nobska Lighthouse off Nobska Road in Falmouth. You don’t have to go on-site, though, you can view the exterior of the lighthouse from Nobska Beach.

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