95 Shore: Upscale Dining at New Seabury

For upscale dining at New Seabury, you’ll want to make time to experience 95 Shore. This award-winning bar and restaurant can be found within The Club at New Seabury and is considered the club’s main restaurant and bar. 

At 95 Shore, you’ll find casual, yet upscale dining, where lunch and dinner is served on select days of the week and seasonal menus are available to members and guests. The clubhouse was renovated just a few years ago, with 95 Shore at its center.

Today, the New Seabury venue includes a large wraparound bar with ocean views from every seat. Take in the scenery of Nantucket Sound and the club’s two golf courses while dining at 95 Shore. You can eat inside, or head outside on the deck for even better views and scenery. 

The menu at 95 Shore includes steak, fresh seafood, and some locally sourced foods. You’ll also find hundreds of wine selections at 95 Shore, and some special pairings. A few years ago, 95 Shore won a second place, Golden Fork Award in the “Best New Public” category from Golf Inc Magazine.

The award goes to honor some of the nation’s top new and improved golf dining facilities. The venue was judged on everything from service and menus to guest satisfaction and more.

The Club at New Seabury is a private golf community with resort amenities that overlooks Nantucket Sound. The club features two waterfront golf courses, five restaurants, including 95 Shore, two beach clubs and bars, and a fitness facility.

The club also includes oceanfront swimming pools, more than a dozen tennis courts in its Tennis Complex, and walking trails. As well, you’ll find some children’s programming, including swimming, tennis, and golf lessons, as well as a golf teaching facility at the club, with a putting green and driving range.

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