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outermost harbor - chatham ma

Boating is an important part of a Cape Cod lifestyle, and Chatham is, quite simply, a boater’s dream. This charming town sits on the elbow of Cape Cod with miles of white sand beaches to explore and two distinct harbors.

An extremely popular summer destination, Chatham opens to both Nantucket Sound and the Atlantic. This longstanding trading, fishing and whaling port has transformed itself over the years into a charming Cape Cod town.

Chatham Harbor sits to the east, providing access to the Atlantic and Pleasant Bay. That’s where you’ll find the majority of the area’s fishing fleet. It’s a bit trickier, though, for small boats. Boaters sometimes head to the Harwich side of Pleasant Bay to tie up for dinner and drinks at Wequassett Resort.

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oyster_pond_river - chatham ma

From boating and the beach to area museums, there’s plenty of fun to find around Chatham Neck.

Atwood House Museum

While it’s hard to miss the waterfront, there are other options to consider, including learning more about the region’s history. Chatham’s Atwood House Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon.

You’ll find a large collection of books, photographs, paintings and more spread out across 12 galleries in the former home of a local sea captain. The museum also commonly hosts lectures and other festivities. You’ll find it on Stage Harbor Road

Stage Harbor Lighthouse

It may be the youngest lighthouse in Cape Cod, but Stage Harbor Lighthouse is also one of the area’s most visible landmarks. While it’s not exactly open to the

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the quinn - boston ma

As one of the South End’s most anticipated new properties, construction on The Quinn is pushing ahead. Plans call for around 100 new condos when the building is complete, along with some ground level commercial space and under-building parking.

The 14-story building is one of the latest additions to the New York Streets neighborhood. New buyers of the luxury condos can expect to gain large, floor-to-ceiling windows with some impressive views of Downtown Boston and the Back Bay.

Other upscale features and finishes include custom oak cabinetry and white oak flooring. The homes will also offer gas burning fireplaces, marble baths, built-in wine coolers and an array of high-end appliances.

Typically, the floor plans of The Quinn range from less

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sipson island

It’s been hundreds of years since people were last allowed to explore Sipson Island, but after all this time it’s finally open to outside visitors. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for some, as the island’s been closed off to the public for more than 300 years.

The Sipson Island Trust recently purchased the land for conservation and educational purposes. It’s the first time the island’s changed ownership since the early 1700s when it was purchased for private use.

Until recently, Sipson Island was the only privately-owned island remaining in Pleasant Bay, and the only one without public access. The trust is hoping to someday establish more educational programming for the island, including the ability to help teach kids about the island’s role

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newburyport maPhoto: Tambrieann

If you’re searching for a place to enjoy your Golden Years in the Greater Boston area, Newburyport is certainly considered tops. Noted as a hot spot for Boomers, about 20-percent of the town’s population is age 65 or older.

Websites like Boston Magazine detail just a few of the top reasons why. In particular, older residents, it says, are drawn to the town’s waterfront concert series during the summer months and the annual harvest festival each fall.

Newburyport is also the place to enjoy boutique-style shopping any time of the year. Some local realtors say empty nesters in Newburyport are especially drawn to the luxury of living within walking distance of the downtown area.

Along with all of its downtown retailers and dining

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duxbury beach sunset - duxbury maPhoto: Jennifer Macaulay

It may officially say Duxbury on the map, but it’s not too hard to see why some refer to this seaside town as “Deluxebury”. Located about 30 miles south of Boston, the upscale suburb of Duxbury provides an ideal setting for getting away from city life, while emphasizing time out on the water and the enjoyment of the arts.

This picture-perfect New England town is the kind of place known for its ocean-front homes and upscale delights. Some homes in the affluent town are listed high above $1 million, with perhaps the largest and most expensive options often situated closest to the water.

While the town commonly hosts small boat regattas during the summer months, you can likely find year-round sailing opportunities at Duxbury

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boating - osterville maPhoto: Peter Roome

From boating and beaches to biking and more, there’s plenty to enjoy when it comes to exploring Osterville. The seaside village is a great place to go, whether you stay on land or head out on the water.

A great way to see some of Osterville’s natural beauty is at Skunknett River Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a good spot for birding, plus you have about 100 acres to explore by bike and foot.

For swimming, beachcombing and fishing, locals know to visit Dowses Beach. The peninsula beach offers a large viewing dock, plenty of parking and some great water views.

You’ll also find lots of seashells in the sand. Some say you’ll find the nicest sand, though, on a small beach close to the intersection of Wianno Avenue and Sea

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