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chatham outer beach

While some sites in Cape Cod remain relatively unchanged, dating back hundreds of years, the coastline is ever changing, perhaps most evident in locations such as Chatham’s Outer Beach. As erosion has been a big concern for town leaders and residents over the years, so has the impact of strong storms, continuously leaving an ever-changing mark on the area. The waves and wind have made a real impact on the beach already, as the sands of the outer beach continually move and take new shape.

In fact, years ago a barrier beach reached from Orleans to the southern edge of Monomoy Point. A strong storm changed that in the late 1950s, splitting the area from the mainland, followed up years later by a massive blizzard that again changed the form of the island

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billingsgate light wellfleet ma

Once a small island filled with dozens of homes, a lighthouse and even a schoolhouse, Billingsgate Island is now virtually a “forgotten” Cape village, living on mostly through old stories and periodically revealed, in part, during periods of low tide. That’s due to the fact that the 60-acre island has been submerged under the water now for more than 70 years.

The story dates back, though, to the 19th century when Billingsgate, also known by some as Bellingsgate, was known as a prosperous fishing community. A favorite location for whaling and fishing, the island once included around 30 homes, a school, a baseball team and the Cape’s second lighthouse.

In the mid 1800s a ferocious storm split the island into two, and a new lighthouse was constructed on

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orleans ma on cape codWith a remarkable history dating back centuries, the Town of Orleans now entertains with its small town charm and its impressive, natural surroundings. Before one moves to or visits Orleans, however, its important to take a closer look at all that makes the town so unique.

With only about 14 square miles of land to call its own, the town is located to the south of Eastham and to the north of Chatham. It also enjoys miles of water access with Cape Cod Bay to the northwest and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Because of its unique location, however, Orleans is rich with ponds and bogs on its western side and inlets, harbors and islands on its eastern side. While Rock Harbor allows for boating access on to Cape Cod Bay the coast also boasts a partial claim to

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ballston beach truro ma

With views of the Atlantic Ocean and flanked by golden hills, there’s plenty to discover at Truro’s Ballston Beach. Ideal for lounging in the sand or boogie boarding and surfing in the waves, the beach is a real favorite of locals and visitors alike.

You won’t find a lot of extras here, as there aren’t any lifeguards on duty, there’s not a picnic area and camping isn’t allowed. However, this saltwater beach is fairly easy to reach, with a short yet steep walk to the sand, plus its not very crowded off-season. If you enjoy simply walking along the beach, Ballston Beach also gets high marks for it’s often a quiet place to take in some pretty fantastic views.

The beach hasn’t been all sun and sand, though, over the years. Area leaders have dealt with the

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fish weirA popular form of fishing on Cape Cod for centuries, weirs are still in operation today, much as they were generations ago by Native Americans, used to harvest migrating fish. While the early weirs were constructed out of thin wooden sticks that made them susceptible to high winds and a strong tide, the weirs of today are more commonly “fish traps”, with netting strung from poles that are pounded in the sand.

Weirs trap the fish trying to swim back out into deeper water. With fishermen from two boats hard at work, the crews scoop out the fish for sale at market. The use of weirs jumped in popularity during the early to mid 1800s but they are much more limited today. The fish population has declined, blamed on an abundance of seals and on more advanced

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