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cape cod rail trail signWhen you think of traveling Cape Cod you may envision it by water or by car, but there’s another way to see the sites, and it’s possible by simply hitting the open trail.  There are plenty of places to run on Cape Cod, but we narrowed down the list to just a select few.

Cape Cod Rail Trail

With nearly 30 miles of incredible terrain to cover, the Cape Cod Rail Trail is a runner’s delight.  This paved trail goes all the way from Dennis to Wellfleet, with the option of heading into Chatham, too.  For a 12-mile, round-trip run, kick off your route in Harwich, just off Route 124 at Headwaters Drive.  You’ll want to run east, which takes you across a cranberry bog, a number of ponds and to the Nickerson State Park entrance.

Nickerson State Park

Speaking of the

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pb boulangerie wellfleet

From pies and scones to cakes and bread, you’ll find plenty of options in tempting your taste buds all across Cape Cod.  We found a few great selections when it comes to bakeries located on the Cape.

Cottage St Bakery- Orleans

It may be small, but the Cottage St Bakery is big with locals and visitors alike.  This bakery dishes up a host of traditional recipes, all made with fresh ingredients and free of preservatives.  You’ll find pies, pastries and even wedding cakes here.

Open year round, Cottage St Bakery has been in business for three decades, also selling sandwiches, soups, salads and breakfast creations.  This bakery is open every day of the week, but during select hours in the fall.  You’ll find it in Orleans.  A second location in Chatham is

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south wellfleet general store

From great beaches and great food to family-friendly entertainment, it’s all possible when you start exploring South Wellfleet.

Marconi Beach

For fantastic views of the bay and the ocean, head to Marconi Beach.  This location is famed for it’s steep sand cliff, plus its swimming and hiking.  The area includes a one-and-a-half mile nature walk called the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail.

Once the location of advances in wireless communication as well as a military training site, the location is now part of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  You’ll find Marconi Beach about six miles to the north of the Salt Pond Visitor Center.

South Wellfleet General Store

As for shopping, be sure and check out the South Wellfleet General Store.  With a convenient location

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saquatucket harbor harwich portPlans are in the works to make improvements in the area of Saquatucket Harbor.  This popular Harwich Port is one of three active harbors in the town, popular for both recreational purposes and commercial use.  Located on the southern shore, the harbor provides floating boat docks and slips, boat lunching, parking and access to Nantucket Sound.

Because there are only a few good harbors located on the southern side of Cape Cod, slip space is at a premium.  The waiting list for slips at Saquatucket Harbor is usually between 12 to 15 years.  The Saquatucket Marina can currently accommodate sailboats, motorboats, a passenger ferry, charter fishing boats and a small fleet of commercial fishing boats.  The marina is open recreationally from May 1-November 15, and

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If you’ve wondered what’s going on with all the talk of dredging on Cape Cod, you’re probably not alone.  To keep the area free of sediment it’s necessary to periodically dredge, otherwise the sediment builds up, making the water too shallow for boats to safely pass through, as well as causing of host of other problems.

Caused by nature, Cape Cod’s many estuaries, harbors and channels are home to a variety of fish and plant life.  As the silt settles and builds up, it can begin to hurt the environment and hinder boating in the region.  

This is especially true in areas like Sesuit Harbor.  In fact, the Town of Dennis dredges the mouth of the harbor every year, though the harbor’s interior hasn’t been dredged in more than half a century.  That’s why the town

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While many of us love the scent of lavender, there’s one special place in Cape Cod that offers much more than just a sprig or two of the fragrant flowering plant.  The Cape Cod Lavender Farm is a unique destination, with 20 impressive acres dedicated especially to lavender.

This farm is one of the largest farms of its kind on the East Coast, and the only one of its kind in the entire region, with a remarkable 14,000 plants growing in just one location.  Overlooking Island Pond, this Harwich location is right at the center of Cape Cod.  Originally opened in 1995, the Cape Cod Lavender Farm typically grows fresh lavender each spring, as it blooms and is harvested sometime between late June and early July.  The lavender is all harvested by hand as soon as

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nauset marsh trail eastham ma

If you really want to experience Cape Cod’s natural scenery in all of its glory, it’s time to hit the open trail.  Eastham’s Nauset Marsh Trail is full of adventure and even more fantastic views, especially of the beach and the picturesque Atlantic Ocean.  It begins, conveniently, just past the Salt Pond Visitor Center at the Cape Cod National Seashore.  Whether you want to go with a group or head out on your own, it’s a fantastic location to get started.

The trail takes visitors along Salt Pond’s eastern shore.  At high tide the area sometimes floods but it’s not a problem due to the raised boardwalk.  This is a great location for spotting swans.  You’re also sure to spot kayaks as you head toward the inlet feeding Nauset Marsh.  One of the most

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payomet theatre truro ma

Already famous for its beaches, fantastic restaurants and interesting locations, Cape Cod comes alive with multiple local theaters, entertaining locals and visitors for generations.  In all, the area includes more than two-dozen theaters, offering fantastic options in live entertainment while on the Cape.


While in Brewster make time to check out the Cape Rep Theatre.  Founded in 1986, visitors have the option of an indoor theatre plus an outdoor theatre, the only one of its kind on the Cape.  The season typically runs from May through mid October.


In Chatham, the Chatham Drama Guild’s season runs from late May through late October.  The location is one of the oldest continually operating theaters on the Cape and is family-friendly.

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scargo tower dennis

Standing strong for more than a century, the Scargo Tower is a unique treasure just waiting to be explored.  The cobblestone tower sits on top of one of Cape Cod’s tallest and most famous hills, Scargo Hill.  Overlooking Scargo Lake and offering sweeping views of the bay side of Cape Cod, it’s possible to see both the Sagamore Bridge and even Provincetown from the site.  While presenting an interesting location for peaceful reflection these days, the tower also offers unique insight into the region’s history.

The third tower to be built at the site, Scargo Tower is 30-feet tall and was built in 1901 to memorialize two brothers with ancestors who first settled the region in the late 1600s.  The first tower built at the location was made of wood and a

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brewster fish house signWhile Cape Cod offers a range of dining options, perhaps the most incredible exist within Brewster.  With unique selections available, these establishments are among our favorites.

Bramble Inn

For intimate dining and lodging, be sure to check out Bramble Inn.  This unique and charming site offers a superb three-course dinner menu from an incredible four dining rooms.  With gourmet selections and an award winning location, Bramble Inn is truly a favorite with guests.  The inn also serves memorable breakfasts.

Built in the mid 1800s, the bed and breakfast is just steps away from galleries, antique shops and more in the historic Village of Brewster.  Guests may also eat outside in an enclosed courtyard, weather permitting.

Brewster Fish House

For more upscale

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