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rock harbor orleans ma

A destination all year round for both residents and vacationers, Rock Harbor provides a large variety of activities, from fishing and walking the sand flats to watching the stunning sunsets. In fact, Rock Harbor is so popular that it has led to overcrowding complaints and new efforts to curb down on the crowds that visit the area.

The beach is heavily used during the months of June, July and August, although it is not really a bathing beach, at all. As for boaters, the area remains just as busy. The Town of Orleans maintains 43 recreational vessel slips and 12 commercial vessel slips on Rock Harbor. To dock at the harbor, you have to get on a waiting list because it is such a popular location.

The commercial loading dock at Rock Harbor provides

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shoreline and dunes at marconi beach in wellfleet

With four visits in less than a decade, plus several of his writings focused on Cape Cod, it is clear that renowned author Henry David Thoreau thoroughly enjoyed his time on the Cape.  150 years ago, Thoreau’s book “Cape Cod” was first published following his death.  It was, though, based on Thoreau’s first three visits made to the region between 1849-1857.  During these visits, Thoreau either rode the ferry in or rode a stagecoach to Orleans.

During Thoreau’s last visit in 1857, though, there is only a journal left that marks a record of his memories.  It was during this trip that he took the just completed railroad in to Plymouth, caught a wagon-ride to Manomet and then walked all the way from Sandwich to Provincetown!

Thoreau took his time on this

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kugel-gips house wellfleet ma

While Cape Cod is well regarded for its maritime history, the area also gains acclaim for some of its Modernist homes.  The man behind much of the architecture is named Charles Zehnder and he definitely left a mark when it comes to his legacy along Cape Cod.

Zehnder is the name behind around four-dozen Modernist homes in Wellfleet and the surrounding area.  His legacy, though, began well before the first home went up.  Charles Zehnder studied architecture in college, but it was the opportunity to eat dinner with famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright that perhaps most influenced his destiny.  Zehnder won the opportunity to connect with Wright through a design contest.

Later, Zehnder helped a friend build a home in Truro and settled, himself, in

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captain's inn house chatham ma

Majestic and inviting, some of Cape Cod’s historic sea captain homes continue to enthrall visitors to this day.

Captain Linnell House

The Captain Linnell House in Orleans was first constructed in 1840.  This lovely mansion is a replica of a villa that Captain Eben Linnell discovered during his travels.  Outfitted with furnishings from Europe, this grandiose home now stands as one of the Cape’s most famous historical sites.

After careful restoration, the current owners brought the home back to its former glory.  These days, the home also serves another purpose, as well.  It is now one of the area’s most requested locations for wedding receptions, as well as rehearsal dinners.  Not far from Skaket Beach, this romantic location also offers beautiful gardens

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The Beachcomber - Cahoon Hollow Beach - Wellfleet MA

Along the Cape, summer means sunshine, sand, waves and, of course, a visit or two to the Wellfleet Beachcomber.  More than simply a restaurant and nightclub, the Beachcomber is quite frankly, a Cape Legacy.

A tradition on Cape Cod since 1978, the Beachcomber has something for just about everyone.  The location features food, drinks, live music, dancing and fantastic views of Cahoon Hollow Beach.  

Referred to by locals as the “Combah”, the location uniquely sits on the top of sand dunes, which line much of the coast of Wellfleet.  For a century the building has stood the test of time, originally housing the Cahoon Hollow U.S. Life Saving Station, but now abuzz with fried seafood, families and picnic tables.  The location also serves adults with dancing

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cape cod clam bake

When you’re on the Cape, you want to indulge in all of the local delicacies.  This includes, of course, making time for a delicious Cape Cod Lobster.  Before you order, though, you need to know what to expect.  

The first question you may be asked when ordering lobster is whether you want a hard shell or a shedder.  A hard shell lobster is tough to break but its meat is full of flavor.  On the other hand, if you want a softer shell, go for a shedder.  The meat is sweet, but you usually won’t get as much.  Another good tip is to order a female lobster if you like a lot of tail meat.

If you get to pick out your own lobster, choose one that’s moving around a lot and is bright in color with shiny eyes.  You want to choose the one that looks the healthiest.

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cape playhouse dennis ma

If you’re looking for something fun to do on Cape Cod, look no further than Dennis Village.  This small community is packed with charm, from its art museum to historical structures.  

Harvest Gallery Wine Bar

Our first stop is the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar.  Located right along scenic Route 6A, the wine bar features everything from live music to a full-service wine bar.  Options include wines from around the world, plus beer too.

The location also includes a bar-style menu with gourmet flair.  Expect to find several desserts on the menu, as well as seasonal specials.  The wine bar uses plenty of organic, local and fresh ingredients.

While you’re there, check out the bar’s unique collection of Cape Cod Contemporary artwork.  In all, the location includes

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Orleans Cultural District

You don’t have to look far to explore the Town of Orleans’ artistic side.  There are plenty of art galleries around town, part of the designated Orleans Village Center Cultural District.

Walkable Artwork

One of the newest artistic additions to the town is right along Cove Road, across from the Left Bank Gallery.  This welded-steel sculpture was just unveiled on June 6, a nod to the area’s maritime history.  The humpback whale is part of an effort to make more cultural districts and install walkable arts around the area.  

Led by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and funded by a matching grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council as well as other area partners, the artist was chosen last November.  Metal Sculptor Syd Ahlstrom created the sculpture.


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uss s-19USS S-19 (photo courtesy of flickr user Ronnie Bell)

There is a lot of history to be found along the Cape, especially concerning the area’s rich maritime past.  One of the best-known tales, though, was an especially perilous ordeal.  January 13, 1925 was the day that the USS. S-19 ran aground on Nauset Beach, becoming the largest of its kind to ever wash up on one of Cape Cod’s beaches.

The submarine headed out from the Portsmouth Navy Yard the day before, and was supposed to land in New London, Connecticut.  However, the sub never made it that far.  The crew of 40 soon found themselves caught in strong winds, thick fog and treacherous seas.  The submarine ran aground off the southern coast of the cape near Chatham, far off its original course.

Two Coast

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Liams Nauset Beach Orleans MA

For the best dining in East Orleans look no farther than pizza, fried fish, lobster rolls and more!  In fact, there really is no “best” when it comes to eating out in East Orleans.  There are plenty of fabulous places to try and enjoy.

Nauset Farms

A trip to Nauset Farms is like no other experience on Cape Cod.  This unique location features daily breakfast and lunch specials like lobster rolls, breakfast burritos and chicken and corn chowder.

The location also includes a butcher shop with fresh cuts of meat, plus baked goods ranging from cakes and brownies to cupcakes and tarts.  Plus, you’ll never be able to eat just one of the famous squash rolls!  You’ll find Nauset Farms right on Main Street on the way to the beach.

Zia Pizzeria

Looking for a great

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