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While many of us simply pass our time on Cape Cod enjoying the beauty and uniqueness of the area, there’s something major in the works that will affect the region for generations to come.  We’re talking about the Herring River Estuary Restoration Project.  In the works for years, the enormous undertaking is currently in full swing.

The plan involves restoring the estuary by essentially constructing a new replacement for the main river dike.  This, in turn, will allow a tidal flow in an area that hasn’t had one since the early 1900’s.  That’s when a dike was constructed at the mouth of the Herring River.  This, along with other alterations, stopped the tidal flow and drained the salt marshes.

These days, the Herring River in the Truro and Wellfleet area

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Planning a wedding takes a lot of work, but perhaps one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make is deciding on a location.  If you have your heart set on Cape Cod, you’ll find there’s just no competition.  There are several beautiful locations to choose from, all with their own unique attributes.  

Truro Vineyards

While many people may envision a beach or water setting on Cape Cod, imagine walking down an aisle surrounded by a picture-perfect vineyard.  That’s the setting for fall, spring or summer weddings at Truro Vineyards.  While the venue doesn’t offer food, you can bring in a caterer, and of course pair your cuisine with wine from the vineyard.

This unique location is perfect for weddings of 85 people, or less.  You can choose either the

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If you’re hoping to learn more about the history of Chatham, there is perhaps no better place to go on Cape Cod then the Atwood House Museum.  Since the mid 1920’s, this museum has served to not only protect the area’s history, but also to preserve and teach it to generations to come.

The museum has its own unique history, as well.  Part of the museum is the oldest structure still standing in Chatham.  It was once the home of Captain Joseph Atwood, and built around 1752.  The Chatham Historical Society purchased the home in 1926 and its been open to the public ever since.

This beautiful home appears virtually untouched, still furnished with pieces depicting the 18th and 19th centuries.  In fact, the only major change to the home has been the addition of

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For hundreds of years, lighthouses have stood the test of time on Cape Cod, a beacon of hope for lost and stranded seamen as they made their journey back to shore.  These days, the historic structures tell a tale of their own, a history rich with maritime adventure.

Some of the most prolific examples of Cape Cod lighthouses stand in Chatham, accented by the beauty of the area and the historical tales they tell.  When in Chatham there are three famed lighthouses you will not want to miss.

Stage Harbor Lighthouse

Our journey begins with the Stage Harbor Lighthouse.  Constructed around 1880, this remarkable lighthouse is actually the youngest lighthouse on the Cape.  Also referred to as Harding’s Beach Lighthouse, Stage Harbor was built to serve as

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There’s something on Cape Cod that at first probably looks a little out of place to the first-time visitor.  It’s not a tourist spot, or even a scenic part of the Cape, but it is an important one.  We’re talking about those bright blue boxes you’re sure to spot mixed in with the green marsh grass.

Essentially, these strange wooden boxes are part of an effort to control a not-so-welcome visitor.  Each year, the months of July and August are seemingly the worst for enticing the annoying greenhead fly.  This is the time of year unfortunately that the females bite many residents and visitors, leaving behind a large itchy welt.

The female can lay up to 200 eggs at a time, but needs blood to lay more eggs.  That’s why she starts looking for people and

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While Cape Cod is a fun place to live and visit, it’s also a fantastic place to grab a bite to eat.  This is especially true if you’re looking for fresh seafood and other tasty delights.  When it comes to the coastal areas, there’s nothing quite like the charming Town of Eastham.  While normally a quiet, beach community known for it’s scenic views, Eastham also is home to some great options when it comes to dining.  We went in search of the best, and came up with our top three choices when it comes to Eastham restaurants.

Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar

Our first choice is appropriately named Arnold’s Lobster & Clam Bar.  Only open during the busy tourist season, Arnold’s has been a staple along the Cape for more than 35 years.  Best known for its fresh

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Imagine living in a quaint little village where you spend you spare time swimming, boating and simply enjoying some good, old-fashioned family fun.  That’s what you’ll find in the upscale village of Harwich Port.

This seaside village includes just 1,600 residents, and for locals, simply goes by the name, “The Port”.  One of the Town of Harwich’s seven villages, Harwich Port has been around for generations.  This is the area where fisherman and seamen once made their homes even before the American Revolution.  In fact, you’ll still find the old homes of sea captains scattered up and down the streets of The Port.  They’re hard to miss, noted for their beauty and original designs.

Along with being a quiet community, Harwich Port also offers great access to

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If you’re looking for something unique to do some afternoon, why not head out to one of Brewster’s best-kept secrets.  The old Stony Brook Grist Mill and Museum is a great place to take a family.  Not only is it a peaceful location to visit, but it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the natural surroundings.

So, what exactly is a grist mill?  If you ask a few people you’ll likely get a few answers, or perhaps a few questioning looks.  A grist mill is something that grinds grain into flour.  It may be referring to the building or the actual mechanism that does the grinding.  
The idea’s been around for thousands of years.  In fact, in ancient years these early mills were found in places like Scandinavia.  Since water was used to turn the paddle

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bass river - dennis ma

If you want to hit the water in Cape Cod, there’s plenty of opportunity to do it.  One of the favorites for both boaters and kayakers is heading out along the Bass River.  You’ll find an eleven mile stretch of river, flowing between Dennis and Yarmouth before meeting up with Nantucket Sound.
The mouth of the river is near West Dennis Beach, a popular place for kite boarding.  Here, you’ll also find a large bay called Marsh Island in the middle of the river.  The island splits the Bass River into two.  On the right, Old Field Channel heads towards West Dennis and The Fingers.  The left side passes by Bass River Yacht Club, Windmill Beach, Ship Shops Marina, as well as the Bass River Marina and Yacht Club.  After this, the river flows under the Route 28

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Every year, tourists and area residents flock to see just one thing in Cape Cod. It isn’t the beaches, the bike trails or even the area restaurants, but rather the seals.  In fact, over recent years, the population of seals in Cape Cod has continued to increase substantially.  While people used to simply notice the seals in the 1980’s, they’re almost impossible to miss now.  

While some believe there are between 3,000 and 5,000 seals in the Cape Cod region, there are no definite numbers.  The National Marine Fisheries Service estimated a couple of years ago there were around 16,000 seals.  Some experts project that number will continue to grow every year.

For people who want to get a great picture, or go on a special tour, that’s great news.  It almost

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