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You’ll find generations of history packed into each slice of pie at one of Chatham’s most famous locations.  Marion’s Pie Shop is truly a Chatham Legacy when it comes to Cape Cod food.  Around since 1947, Marion first began by baking chicken pot pies right in her own kitchen.  Fast-forward more than 67 years and this charming little pie shop now has its own location, and its own special menu.

The bakery now includes a number of fresh fruit pies as well as a selection of savory pies.  Baked fresh each day, the shop has expanded to include such favorites as seafood, clam, chicken and even hamburger pies. There are also a number of breakfast foods on the menu like cinnamon nut rolls, scones, fruit breads and muffins.  During certain times of the year, you’ll

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When it comes to getting a true taste of Cape Cod, you may find it’s hard to choose from all the restaurants. That’s why we tried to narrow down all of the options into just a few great ones.  In the search for our favorite Chatham restaurants, we came up with three that you just don’t want to miss.

Impudent Oyster

Known for its amazing seafood, Impudent Oyster offers fresh mussels, delectable chowder and a highly rated baked stuffed lobster that gets rave reviews.  For lunch, try the lobster roll, lightly fried Cape Fish-Wich or even the Kobe beef burger.  Dinner runs a tad on the pricey side, but offers such selections as lamb, filet and lobster.

This local hangout is noted by locals as one of the places to go if you want to be seen on the

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While the beaches and waters of Cape Cod seem to be the big draw for vacationers and for residents, something else has emerged over the years.  The Cape is also home to a number of venues aimed at furthering the arts, and drawing in new audiences to what the area has to offer.

Cape Cod Museum of Art

One such location is the Cape Cod Museum of Art in Dennis.  The museum is home to exhibits and collections providing a deeper understanding of the areas of Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Southeastern Massachusetts.  Rich in heritage, the museum not only houses seven galleries of exhibits, but also provides a place to promote cultural growth, as well as house outreach and educational programs.

In addition, the museum hosts special

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There’s nothing like getting up close and personal with nature on Cape Cod.  From sailing, to hiking, to biking and more, there’s a lot to do and see.  One place to inspire your thirst for knowledge is the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster.

The museum itself is small, but filled with permanent artifacts reflecting the history of the Cape.  It also houses traveling exhibits and those on loan from other museums.  One of the most popular ones, especially for kids, is the honeybee hive.  In fact, the museum has three hives on its property, and even hosts a Honey Bee Jamboree each fall when locally made honey is up for sale.

There’s also a Marshview Room, offering visitors the opportunity to get a taste of just how many animals and

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If you want to see the best of Cape Cod, you may want to trade in four wheels for two wheels.  Some of the best biking trails in the area treat visitors to remarkable seaside views, tempted by a variety of delectable treats and charming inns along the way.

Instead of thinking about all the exercise it involves, think about all the scenery you’ll see.  It hardly feels like exercise when you’re taking in all the amazing sites along the way.  With bike routes combining traditional roads with trails, expect to be temped by coastal scenery and have your senses awakened by the seaside breezes.  Oh, and did we mention all the fresh seafood you can buy to eat along the way?

Leave yourself plenty of time to make the bike tour a leisurely one.  This gives

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With scenic views, trails and bicycle paths, Marconi Beach offers a unique location in Wellfleet.  One of the area’s main attractions, Marconi offers a visitor fabulous views of the Outer Cape, along with the bay and ocean.  One of the best places to do it is from the Marconi Station observation platform.

Other options in the area include taking the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail.  This mile-and-a-half nature trail goes down into a swampy area, home of red maple and Atlantic white cedar trees.  You can also expect to be treated with a number of different plants, including stunted pitch pines and bear oak, heathlands, taller pitch pines and white cedar-red maples.

If you choose to take on the outer beach, make note of its extremely steep stairs

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If you want to enjoy Cape Cod in luxury, the Chatham Bars Inn awaits you with open arms.  Originally a place for wealthy Bostonians to vacation in the early 1900’s, this semi-private hunting lodge was constructed and equipped full of luxurious amenities and treatments.  It included long distance telephones, private baths and electric lights.

Soon, the hotel opened a farm to deliver fresh dairy and produce to its guests.  This garnered the hotel with a favorable reputation as an elegant and self-sufficient tourist site.  To add to the charm, a nine-hole golf course was added to the mix.

Fast-forward several decades, and the inn has gone through a huge renovation.  This includes all of the rooms and restaurants.  Crews reconstructed the cottages,

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Getting to Cape Cod doesn’t have to mean a long drive in the car.  Sit back and enjoy the ride, without all the traffic, aboard the CapeFLYER.  This passenger rail line currently runs each Friday and weekend during the summer months, starting Memorial Day weekend and ending Labor Day weekend.

The rail service started in 2013, and has steadily expanded with new stops in places like Wareham, and possibly may even feature expanded year-round weekend service in the future.  The ride from Boston to Hyannis takes a little more than two hours and covers nearly 80 miles of track.  On Fridays, the ride takes a little longer due to additional stops.  Also, Cape Cod limits passenger trains to 30 miles an hour, which adds some additional travel time.

Once you

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The natural beauty of the Cape shines through in so many locations, among them, Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge.  This is the place to experience the Cape in a mostly untouched, natural environment.

The Refuge was started in the 1940’s, originally as a migratory bird habitat.  With eight miles of sand stretching from the elbow of Cape Cod, the area provides the barrier islands of South and North Monomoy.  There are also 40-acres of land on Morris Island making up the property.  This is where you’ll find the visitor center and the site’s headquarters.

If that’s not enough, prepare to take in more than 7,000 acres of freshwater and saltwater marshes, freshwater ponds, oceans and dunes.  The location provides a home and habitat for the Federally protected

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For some, the idea of a virtually isolated and vacant get-away, with little to no added amenities, sounds anything but inviting.  For those lucky enough to experience the opportunity to go beyond the surface, and see first-hand the true draw of one of Cape Cod’s most unique locations, though, the landscape quickly becomes naturally scenic and inspiring.  That’s the case of the famed Dune Shacks of Peaked Hill Bars Historic District in Provincetown.

In all, there are 19 cabins that make up the Dune Shacks.  All are located within Cape Cod National Seashore, and all but one are owned by the National Park Service.  At first glance, there’s not much to see.  The shacks float on stilts above the dunes, allowing them to stay in place when the sand

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